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Ciel and Kagechi

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(Bloody Arrow)

needs a title for me crappy poem. [01 Apr 2005|10:57pm]

[ mood | gloomy ]

you once stated you've given up.
that you life was out of luck
and you had nothing left to live for.
but i stepped into your life
and helped you through the strife
and things seemed to get somewhat better...
or so i thought.
you'd given up again.
tried suicide twice...just to roll the dice and say
you've "been there."
i knew it was all a lie.
i watched you try to fly
and have always been there to
catch you when you've fallen.
and still you push away
your hopes and dreams to stay linger
in the open fire.
tears fill your eyes, the hours fly by
and still you forget i'm there..
you stare over that cliff and into
the bay and still nothing seems worth living for.
so you take that step forward
and plumet to your death.
only this time i didnt catch you....
only this time, there's nothing left.

(12 Fallen Angels | Bloody Arrow)

Lonely Nights... [02 Oct 2004|07:35pm]

[ mood | lost ]

Nights lonely and forgotten.
Starring into the darkness.
watch the shadows dance.
Dream of times we were together.
crying at the thought of being alone.
I feel my soul is lost forever.
The void in my heart grows bigger still.

No one wants a mistake.
Cold to those who try to know you.
Push away the ones who complain.
Alone in solitude...just slice the veins.

Wishing you were with me,
To catch me as I fall.
Do you even dream of me at all?
Are you happy i'm lost again?
You left me with these tears....
Forgotten in my fears....
You left me with my monochrome scars...
You left me forgetten...behind closed bars.

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